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DOFOOD was first established to support and to lanuch catering products for its own restaurants in 1989. Under standard operating procedures and strict food safety management system, all products are prepared using standardized recipes and in-season ingredients to maintain taste and product standard.


In 1991, DOFOOD expanded its service in Thailand and Hong Kong to help major hotels and restaurants simplify and streamline their catering operations. The concept back then was new and innovative. It took time for caterers to eventually understand and realize the benefits of using DOFOOD products - food safety, easy storage, time saving, energy management, environmentally friendly and overall cost and quality control.


In 1995, Singapore Airlines became the first airline to incorporate our system and products into its catering operation. The very first hot soup was served with our technology on its fleets. This earned the industry focus and an Award of Distinction was granted to DOFOOD in 1997. Since then 16 air caters have been working closely with DOFOOD to provide products and solutions for over 58 airlines worldwide. The mature catering soulution continues to expand into other service catagories.


DOFOOD is the expert in tailor-made solutions for each individual catering business. Reipes are modified and adapted to fit each unique market and its food culture. To fullfill the demand for quality food products, our R&D team strives to develop the "perfect taste" for each and every client. Hence over the past years, more than 600 "perfect" recipes were developed and prepared to the satisfactions of various customer.




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