DOFOOD has always been the frontier in food production technology. Our Preident, Mr. David Lau and our experienced R&D team are widely recognized by the industry. Being the first food manufactuerer to introduce ambient full meals in Thailand since 1990, we are well positioned among the world competition. Throughout the years, DOFOOD continues on new product & technology development and also contributes to the industry by sharing our knowledge and know-how both locally and internationally.


Mr. David Lau, with his passion in food science research and catering founded DOFOOD in 1989. He was one of the 24 persons worldwide who were invited to join the committee responsible for drafting and writing the "World Food Safety Guidlines" for the in-flight food service industry. Being the Chairman of the Food Ingredient and Ready-to-eat sector of the Thai Food Processor Association, he represents Thailand and contributes to the establishment of Codex procedure of International Food Standards as well participates in the fair trade negotiation in FTA between Europe and Asia.


Mr. Rex Lau, the second generation, joined the company in 2007 and is in charge of product and business development since then. The first outdoor military full meal solution was lanuched under his supervision in 2008.


DOFOOD will continue further in product development to fullfill every industry and consumer's need. Our passion is to proactively create better food product to the world.